Innovation in Education

Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public Education

*Testing vs teaching is killing the JOY of learning.

*Who’s running the school? Business is influencing education.

*Privatizing public education: the pitfalls and potholes.

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Public school education is changing and not necessarily for the better. Testing has taken the place of teaching, and the unique aspects of individual students are too often lost in the formulas created to assess them.

For thirty years, Susan Colton taught in public school classrooms and worked in school administration as a highly respected, nationally recognized principal. Susan offers firsthand perspectives and an insider viewpoint on the necessary changes that will benefit students, teachers, and parents, enabling them to create a learning environment in which children can truly thrive and advance, emotionally, intellectually, and even socially. Susan is a sought-after speaker/trainer, and her new book, Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public Education, will be available nationally in February of 2018.


Susan speaks to:


Parent-Teacher Associations

School Administrators


Civic Groups

Library Groups

Professional Business People

and more

- to anyone interested in improving education for our future generations.

Relationship Power:

Make the Necessary Change to Benefit Students, Parents, and Teachers

Develop Outside-the-School Connections:

Tap into Local Businesses, Groups, and Communities to Enhance Support and Learning

Flip the Pyramid:

Change the Organization of Public Education for the Benefit of Every Child

Innovation in Education:

The Importance and Implementation of Motivational Learning Environments

Lift Up the Innovative Teacher:

Minimize the Boundaries and Set Teachers Free to Teach to the Strengths of Every Child